Thursday, February 23, 2017

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  • CanJam NYC 2017 Wrap-Up February 22, 2017
    Over the last six months, I’ve attended RMAF 2016, NYAS 2016, and CES 2017—consisting of predominantly traditional two-channel hi-fi systems and enthusiasts. While that can be enjoyable in its own way, I feel more at home in a room full of headphone enthusiasts. There’s less negativity, less pressure, less unspoken competition for the center seat, […]
  • Katz’s Corner Episode 13 - The Big Shootout: Audeze LCD-4 vs. Focal Utopia February 20, 2017
    In my previous episode, I threw down the gauntlet: Can the world’s best headphones hold up to the world’s best loudspeakers in a perfectly-treated room? Of course we know that headphones image completely differently from loudspeakers. The transient impact of transducers lodged on your ears is distinctly different from loudspeakers at 9 foot distance. The […]
  • Noble Audio Sage and Kaiser In-Ear Headphones February 17, 2017
    I was thrilled to see Noble at CanJam because I wasn’t able to listen to the Kaiser Encore and Sage which were released last fall at RMAF 2016. Prior to CanJam, the last time anything Noble had graced my ears was the Noble 6 in late 2015. It had been far too long. Their current […]
  • Echobox Traveler and Nomad IEMs and Explorer DAP February 16, 2017
    Echobox Audio is a young, IndieGoGo born company that was founded in late 2015. They had major presence at CanJam and seem to be steadily growing. This is what they showed at CanJam last week...
  • Categorizing Headphones on InnerFidelity February 14, 2017
    After determining the JBL Everest Elite 700 was good enough to poke it's way onto the Wall of Fame, I came to realize I wasn't certain where to put it. Should it be on the Wireless page? Or should it be on the Noise Canceling page? Or both?

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  • Wharfedale Diamond 225 loudspeaker February 23, 2017
    In the United Kingdom, the first seeds of perfectionism in audio separates were sown by Goodmans Industries, founded in 1925. Then, in 1930, Garrard (est. 1722) produced its first commercial gramophone. Shortly thereafter, England experienced the Great Slump, the British name for the worldwide catastrophe known in the US as the Great Depression. Near the […]
    Jon Iverson
  • Larsen HiFi 8 loudspeaker February 23, 2017
    I wouldn't normally begin a review of an imported product with generalities about the culture from which it sprang, but this isn't just any imported product. It's a Scandinavian loudspeaker, and Scandinavian speakers are subject to a different and altogether more liberal set of rules. For one thing, because they tend to be healthy and […]
    Jon Iverson
  • Wilson Event in Florida Saturday February 23, 2017
    Saturday February 25, 12–5pm, Audible Images (161 Pineapple Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32935) is presenting Wilson Audio’s Alexx speaker. Guests will include Bill Peugh from Wilson Audio, Bill McKiegan from Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, and Bob McConnell from Transparent Audio.Thu, 02/23/2017
    John Atkinson
  • Dynaudio/Nordost Event in Chicagoland Thursday February 23, 2017
    Thursday, February 23, 4:30–8:30pm, F1 Audio (311 E Dundee Road, Palatine IL 60074) will be hosting an event featuring the new Dynaudio Contour 60 loudspeakers (above), Nordost cables, Octave tube electronics, and music from MoFi. Factory representatives will be on hand performing demonstrations and answering questions.Wed, 02/22/2017
    John Atkinson
  • Aerial Acoustics 5T loudspeaker February 22, 2017
    Long-lived loudspeaker models are rare. So it's surprising that the two-way, stand-mounted Model 5, the smallest speaker made by Massachusetts-based Aerial Acoustics, was revised just once between 2015 and April 1997, when Robert Harley favorably reviewed it and it cost $1800/pair. The revised 5B was equally favorably reviewed by John Marks in July 2009. This […]
    Jon Iverson