Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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  • Amazon's Top Selling Cowin E7 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones August 20, 2017
    At the moment, the Cowin E7 is Amazon's top selling wireless, noise canceling headphone and has a four star rating with 3,800+ reviews. We headphone geeks might recognize the brand, but I very much doubt if the average person has ever heard of Cowin. I thought maybe it's just the cheapest Bluetooth, noise canceler on […]
  • Katz's Corner Episode 17: Perfecting Perfection August 14, 2017
    Today I'd like to discuss what I mean by sonic perfection or sonic neutrality. Most audiophiles have observed that excellent playback systems of different manufacturers can sound radically different! Even the most accurate loudspeakers are subtly voiced and are different sounding. But how can there be more than one "right"? Philosophically speaking, two different-sounding playback […]
  • Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Affordable Over-Ear Sealed Bluetooth Headphones August 12, 2017
    I'll often unbox a headphone and take a good hard look and listen and then make a guess at the price before looking it up on-line. I'm usually 25% - 33% low...and disappointed at how much things cost. Not so with the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, I guessed $50 high at $199. It's $149...sweet.
  • Dell XPS 27—An all-in-one PC powerhouse with BIG sound baked right in! August 8, 2017
    One glance at the rather obvious speaker array on the XPS 27 tells us there's something special going on here. You'd be forgiven for thinking Dell slapped a generic "soundbar" on the system and called it a day. Not so. The XPS 27 is in fact built from the ground up with audio in mind. […]
  • AKG N60NC On Ear Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones August 6, 2017
    Having not too long ago reviewed the $1499 AKG N90Q and finding it an astonishingly cool and effective noise canceler, I thought it would be interesting to look at what AKG was doing way down the food chain at a more affordable price. Thing is $300 is still $300, and in my book a pretty […]

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  • Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty D/A processor August 22, 2017
    Throughout the summer and fall of 2016, I worked on a project with Stereophile contributor Sasha Matson, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering—for release on 180gm LP, CD, and high-resolution download—an album of works that Sasha had composed for various chamber ensembles: Tight Lines. As you can read in the article we published about this project, […]
    Jon Iverson
  • Sutherland Engineering Duo phono preamplifier August 22, 2017
    "Saying that Sutherland Engineering builds a nice line of phono stages is like saying that the Porsche 911 Carrera is a nice line of sports cars." So began my review of Sutherland's PhonoBlock in the January 2012 issue. I went on to note that similar philosophies underpin both product lines, and to link the cost-no-object […]
    Jon Iverson
  • Charles Ives' Prescient Impressions in Hi-Rez August 20, 2017
    Judging from Seattle Symphony and Ludovic Morlot's latest recording of the orchestral works of Charles Ives (1874–1954), much of his totally iconoclastic oeuvre sounds as if it could have been inspired by present day events. Ninety-one years since Ives ceased composing, his anything but conventional music continues to cast light on the contrasting and conflicting […]
    John Atkinson
  • Kronos and Trio Da Kali August 19, 2017
    A successful exercise in recording vastly different sounds.Sat, 08/19/2017
    John Atkinson
  • Kii Audio Three loudspeaker August 17, 2017
    At the risk of offending nearly every designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers, I think we have not seen anything really new in a long time. Casting a gimlet eye at Stereophile's "Recommended Components" reveals some electrostatic and planar-magnetic models, a few horns, and lots and lots of cones and domes in boxes. Those cones and […]
    Jon Iverson