Pre Black-Friday Deal: Lowest Price Ever for a Top-Selling SVS Subwoofer!

Black Friday deals in high end audio aren’t really something you see.   However, this year, we’re seeing a bit of a trend in that direction by some of the brands we love. In particular, SVS is offering a great deal on the SB12-NSD subwoofer, starting today, Tuesday, November 24th.  You can snag the deal at:

Until the limited supply runs out, the SVS SB12-NSD, one of the top-selling SVS subwoofers of all time, is available for the subterranean low price of $399, an unbelievable $280 off its original price of $679. 

Here at the Poor Audiophile, we’ve become big fans of SVS’ subs, listing them on our best of lists and, we have the top of the line SB13-Ultra in our reference setup.

SVS says that the forceful but articulate SB12-NSD features a high-output 12” driver, an intelligent DSP Sledge Amplifier, and easy integration options for every room and system. Equally adept at conveying the most demanding low frequency effects and details of music, home theater, TV, and gaming, this potent sealed subwoofer is one of the most sought after SVS models, and starting today, it can be yours for a historic low price. 

If you’ve ever thought of going dual, replacing an aging sub, or becoming a first time subwoofer owner, there’s never been a better time. This is an extremely limited run, so if you want to pay this historic low price, act fast!