Tisbury Audio Releases New Mini Passive Preamplifier


Relative new-comer and British hifi-maker, Tisbury Audio, has released a major redesign of its popular Mini Passive Preamplifier.  Tilbury Audio’s passive preamp seems to have garnered some positive press for what the company says is “high end sound quality at a budget price.”

In contrast to the previous model, the Mini Passive Preamp has a polished new look, lower price tag and a few new features.  The enclosure is laser engraved walnut and aluminum.  There is a stepped attenuator volume control, three inputs, two configurable outputs, and selectable fixed attenuation, which can serve as an adaptable control center for any audio system.

“A passive preamplifier differs from its ‘active’ counterparts by having no power supply and no active components,” says Wes Young of Tisbury Audio. “Fundamentally, it is a high quality volume control and switches in a box, so it’s about as close to audibly transparent as you can get.”

Tisbury Audio was founded in 2012 and is a small boutique shop that hand-makes all of its products in London.  As you’d therefore expect, the Mini Passive Preamp is proudly handmade in London from primarily British sourced parts.  It comes with a 1 year warranty and a 14 day trial period. The Mini Passive Preamp is available immediately for £129 (approx. $200), direct from Tisbury Audio at tisburyaudio.co.uk