Sony to set up High-Resolution Music Stations at more than 70 Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers Nationwide


In a fascinating move and what could be interpreted as a major commitment to high resolution music, Sony has announced that it will launch Hi-Res Music Stations in more than 70 of Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers nationwide this fall.   This move isn’t necessarily a new one for Sony.  The new Hi-Res Music Station follows the recent installation of high-res headphone displays at MDC stores which feature compatible models from Sony and other companies.
Sony has been among the most vocal corporate proponents of high resolution music including the launch of new digital walkman models and headphones capable of reproducing the demands of high resolution music (see our impressions of the review samples Sony sent us of their new digital walkman and high res headphones here).
At the Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers, individuals will be able to sample and experience high-resolution music on a number of Sony audio products.  The products on display will meet various price points and different lifestyle needs.  Products that will be available will include Walkman portable players, headphone amplifiers and music servers.  Supporting this program and promoting a variety of high-resolution recordings will be Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.


Each Hi-Res Music Station will include a variety of clips from both new and classic recordings across every genre, in addition to offering information on accessing hi-res digital files from participating music providers. Select Magnolia Design Center locations will also be used to promote numerous hi-res activities, as well as album artwork, launch parties and receptions.
Craig Kallman, Chairman & CEO of Atlantic Records perhaps said it best in response to this announcement, “As a long-time audiophile, I’ve been championing the quest to create a great sonic experience in the digital world, and I’m thrilled to say that moment has arrived. Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers will be a great tool to raise fan awareness of how great digital music can sound.”
We couldn’t agree more and hope that this move brings awareness and the benefits of high resolution audio into the average consumer’s hands.