Free Wireless Audio Systems Guide Available from Electronic House


Electronic House, a print and online magazine catering to custom installers and the AV enthusiast has published an interesting guide covering wireless audio systems.  For the individual who doesn’t want to go through the expense of installing physical wiring to upgrade their home.

The guide covers wireless audio basics, ensuring your wireless network can handle streaming audio, improving your wireless network, and an overview of 15 wireless audio products.

As would be expected, mainstay products like the Sonos ecosystem and other major products are covered.  There are also some higher end and boutique offerings and even products geared towards home automation systems included.

Like many “free” things these days, you do need to give your email address, which in turn subscribes you to the Electronic House newsletter.  However, for the enthusiast wanting to delve into wireless and streaming audio, this guide isn’t a bad place to start.  You can download the Electronic House Guide to Wireless Audio here.