Reporting back on fixing my Apple TV audio issues


This HDMI 4×4 EDID matrix switch has solved all my HDMI problems.

Back in early December, I wrote about the problem I was having with my AppleTV.  I was getting no audio and in some instances no video when I would turn on my TV and receiver.  I had diagnosed the likely cause of the problem to be related to the HDMI EDID.   I had researched some solutions and documented what I had implemented as a solution.

I’m very happy to report that a good six weeks later I haven’t had a single problem with my AppleTV’s signal.  In fact, not only have I fixed the AppleTV problems, but I’ve also eliminated any problems with my regular TV feed and any anomalies with my Blu-ray player that crept up once in a blue moon.  I think the issues with my Blu-ray player were less pronounced because I always kept it off and only powered it on when I was using it and  in a specific sequence:  TV, receiver, and then Blu-ray.

The device I ended up getting to solve my problems was this 4×4 HDMI v1.3b matrix switch with EDID support.  For me, it’s solved both my HDMI routing to various rooms and my audio and video issues on a number of devices.  It looks like the model I got is now dwindling in short supply as it’s only an HDMI 1.3 and not an HDMI 1.4-compliant device.  I don’t have any 3D nor do I need 3D support so for me it was a bargain.

If you are suffering from audio or video issues with a particular device I can tell you two things:

  • First, the problem is most likely not your device but possibly an incompatibility from the display.
  • Secondly, the EDID emulators work and they work incredibly well.

It’s made media enjoyment in my household a simple thing once again.