Revel’s Ultima2 Rhythym2 Subwoofer with DSP and Room EQ begins shipping: Incredible 18″ Woofer Complements First Sub for Ultima2 Line of Speakers




Revel has begun shipping it’s immense, Rhythym2 subwoofer, which includes on-board DSP and room equalization.  Certainly not for the poor audiophile, the $10,000 Rhythym2 sub sports a huge 18″ woofer and an unbelievable 2,000 watt amplifier that can reach 4,000 watt peaks.  Revel is the premium, audiophile speaker company of it’s parent company, Harman International.


The Revel Rhythm2 employs an 18-inch aluminum cast-frame front-firing woofer with a 4-inch diameter by 1.75-inch long Xmax voice coil, and a high-power neodymium-magnet motor system with a symmetrical magnetic field configuration that reduces distortion and dynamic compression to a minimum

Although Revel’s top of the line Ultima2 series of loudspeakers was launched with much fanfare and audio industry acclaim back in 2007, it was only this past year that a complementary subwoofer for the Ultima2 line was announced.  This will be the first subwoofer specifically designed to blend with the Ultima2 speaker lineup.

“People expect the very best from Revel Ultima and our Rhythm2 was designed to exceed their expectations,” said Jim Garrett, Director of Marketing and Product Management, HARMAN Luxury Audio Group and Loudspeakers. “Although it can deliver prodigious amounts of undistorted deep bass, that’s only part of Rhythm2’s capabilities. Its built-in digital room EQ provides high-resolution EQ and true digital delay, which allows the Rhythm2 to be calibrated to achieve ideal integration in a two-channel or surround sound system.”

According to Revel, the Rhythym2 offers a fully configurable a fully configurable electronic crossover with adjustable delay, volume, line- level inputs, a USB input to connect a PC or Mac and more.  Like the other Ultima2 speakers, the Rhythym2 will come in either high-gloss piano black or mahogany.
For all us poor audiophiles, if you’re looking for an ultimate sub, it’s time to start saving.
The Revel Ultima2 Rhythym2 sub will come in either high-gloss piano black or mahogany finishes