REL Habitat 1 Subwoofer: Wall-mountable, Wireless, and Decor-friendly


The REL name is synonymous with some of the best subwoofers on the market. So when REL comes out with a new product that promises to solve an age-old problem, it’s good to take notice.

The traditional problems with subwoofers have basically two-fold.

  1. Size: Any really good sub has generally been big.
  2. Wires: Wires to subwoofers have been an eyesore.
  3. Placement: the size and wiring issues have limited placement options for the average person.
Some manufacturers have tried so solve some of these issues by developing in-wall subs or wireless subs.  In the former case, if you haven’t designed your room or wall properly—you often need 3/4 to 1″ thick sheet rock to support the subwoofer vibrations, you’ll quickly find yourself in trouble.  Plus, you often need to mount the sub between studs, which limits placement options.  And, if you’ve found where to place it, then you still need to run wiring to that location.  

Other manufacturers have recognized the difficulties with an in-wall solution and have developed wireless options—in general, these haven’t worked well and have latency and sync issues. The fact that so few high end manufacturers offer wireless solutions for speakers may point to the difficulty that’s presented with high-fidelity audio.

This is where REL comes in with the Habitat 1.

Instead of going down the road already trodden by making an in-wall solution, REL has designed a comparatively thin subwoofer solution that you can either mount on a wall or put on top of a stand to make it free-standing.  In addition to accepting traditional wiring like any old sub, the Habitat 1 is also designed from the ground up to be wireless with, according to REL, zero latency issues.

The Habitat 1 features dual active 6.5 inch front-firing drivers and a 10 inch rear-firing passive radiator.

Front dual-firing drivers
10″ passive rear radiator

The Habitat 1 only features a 150 watt Class D amplifier, so it’s designed for good bass and not earth-shattering, house shaking earthquakes.  The specs for the Habitat 1 list a -6db response at 30hz so you’re likely talking about realistic bass in the 33Hz-36Hz range.  Still, for a package like this and considering that the market is for setups where you’ll likely have either monitors or in-walls makes this an extremely appealing package.

The Habitat 1 comes in either white or black gloss finishes and should blend in well with any decor.

You can watch REL’s promotional video below: