Monitor Audio Launches ASB-2 Soundbar


Monitor Audio, known for it’s speakers, has entered the growing market of sound bars with it’s new ASB-2 Soundbar.  The $1,599, three foot plus sound bar is not simply a speaker but actually an entire active audio system.   In addition to standard wired connectivity (3 HDMI inputs), it features support for Apple’s AirPlay,

DNLA, and UPnP, which will allow you stream music wirelessly from a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows PC.

The ASB-2 also features AirPlay direct, which will allow guests to play content directly to the ASB-2 without requiring WiFi network access.

If you’re in the market for a high-end, no-compromises sound bar, then Monitor Audio’s ASB-2 is worth a serious look.  But don’t look on their web site for information on the ASB-2.  Like many audio web sites, the Monitor Audio site hasn’t been updated yet to include information about the ASB-2.