How to Fix iTunes Match Error 4002: Cannot Connect to iTunes Store


Suddenly, I’ve been getting a 4002 error on my iTunes server library.  The error appeared out of nowhere.  Reading through support forums and the like, the solutions being thrown around were to turn off iTunes match and also turn of Genius.  While these seemed to work for some users, they didn’t work for me and the dreaded 4002 error kept coming back.

I’m hopeful that I finally found the solution to permanently fix the error.  It appears as though the ultimate solution is to hold down the “option” key while selecting “Turn of iTunes Match” from the “Store” menu.  My hunch is that holding down the option key must delete preferences or stubborn settings that are lingering somewhere somehow.
From what I’m seeing in various forums, this minor adjustment—just pressing the option key—while selecting the menu command appears to fix any stubborn situations like mine.  I’m rebuilding my iTunes Match now and we’ll see what happens.